My Story Behind WHY I Became a Realtor

The big question of why I came a realtor is always one that literally brings me to tears. Even though I have been in this business for over seven years, that question always takes me back to my WHY. Once I got married to a military officer, my life and my definition of home took on a new meaning. Home no longer became a place, or the address but it became what I remembered having a child, the space, the love and all of the things that made us happy together as a family. I got to move my family many times as my husband's reassignments station not only in the US but for seven years overseas. We finally landed here at Fort Hood in Texas where we thought would be another two to three-year assignment filled with lots of deployments and field time. But as the years passed we were able to maintain our assignment here, purchased our first home and lived in it for a total of nine years. I think that's the first time an address actually became part of what I called home. 

During our time here, I started working as a model home sales representative for Centex homes in Harker Heights and soon realize that there was a big demand for interior design and decorating as there was no other business as such in the area. Since that is what I had been doing for 15 years as we moved around the world, I decided to open my own business here in Harker Heights and help service other military families to create a space that they could call 'home' while they too prepared for the next move. So when I knew we were going to plant roots here in Texas and stay in the Fort Hood area I knew continuing to create spaces for our service members was something that meant a lot to me. 

After working many years to help other local realtors with their clients I knew it was only fitting that I shift my career and become a realtor. I wanted to be the one who welcomed people to our area and our community with open arms not only to provide a resource to them as they got comfortable with their relocation but also be the one they could trust to help them find a place to call home. (ok insert tears here now...). 

I wanted to make sure their experience was special and one that they would have positive stories to tell their growing families, and to also give them the level and quality of service that they deserved after all they are putting their lives on the line for our country. I feel like my job as a realtor is not really a job. We don't get to clock in and clock out. Our job consists of begin available to our clients, listening to their needs, answering their texts, and being an ongoing resource for them 24/7. I love what I have chosen as a career and now as an associate broker and team lead of my own real estate group, Designed 2 Sell, I'm able to now mentor, teach and celebrate with other realtors to follow their passions as to their WHY. Nothing makes my heart more happy than to see the smiling faces of my clients and know that they are appreciated and that I am grateful that they chose me and my team with their real estate experience.

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