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8 Must-know Tips For Moving During The Holidays

Moving during the holidays can be a stressful situation, but it also sets you up for a fresh start at the beginning of the new year. The key to successfully moving in the winter months is to plan ahead and prepare for the unexpected. These 8 ti...

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9 Things To Do As A Homeowner Before Winter

THE TIME IS NOW to begin planning for winter weather preparations. The winterization of your home will reduce energy consumption, keep you warm, extend the life of your home's systems, eliminate safety hazards, and save you, and so much more......

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Salado Texas

For hundreds of years, the tiny little Village of Salado has welcomed visitors and Texas legends alike. Salado offers a friendly atmosphere deep in the heart of Texas.  You might be asking yourself "So where did this tiny town come from...

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Buying a Home: Today vs. Ten Years Ago

BUYING A HOME- if you haven't gone through the process yet, I'm sure you will one day. Lucky for you, I'm here to talk and walk with you through each and every step of the process in the crazy year that is 2022. Unless you're brand new here, th...

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Top TEN Social Media Tips

SOCIAL MEDIA. We know it, we use it, we love it... most of the time. If you're reading this, there's almost an 100% chance that you're on social media right now. Almost every single person you know has at least one social media account and the ...

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How I Style My Home

You've heard me talk all about the different kinds of styles that can be brought into the home to help curate your environment to match your liking... BUT what we haven't spoken about is what kind of environment I have created in my home. What ...

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How To: Hire a Home Inspector

SO it's time to hire a home inspector... how the heck are you supposed to do that? I have had sooooo many clients that are going through the process of buying, selling, or owning a home for the very first time- and with that comes A TON of ques...

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Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

HOW TO: Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

If you follow me on any of my socials, I'm sure you've seen the INSANE increase of content- darn good content- in the past several months. Growing and exploding on social media CAN happen in a crazy overnight viral success story but that's not ...

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5 Tips for Quality Recording on iPhone

5 Tips for Quality Recording on iPhone

Did you know that ring lights, back drops, and million dollar cameras aren't needed to make Grammy worthy content (LOL)?? Believe it or not... all the equipment you need is right there in the palm of your hand. I'm talking about your iPhone! Yo...

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I Turned 50… here’s what I’ve learned

I turned FIFTY in November and let me tell you- I've learned some things. I wanted to put togther a list of 50 short and sweet words of advice that are tried, true, and have made me the woman I am today. My forties were so transformative and I ...

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