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2023 Home Trends

COMING IN HOT, HOT, HOT!!! 2023 is here & so are a ton of new trends! Let’s take a look into the top SEVEN trends that you should be incorperating into your space if you want to stay extra stylish.

This year, you’ll most likely see some familiar design trends including lots of greenery, mix-and-match patterns, and antique/vintage touches. I did some searching to see whart interior designers predict will be the most popular and fresh trends of the new year. Get ready to have a first peek at ways to keep your style trendy!

Purple Power

Purple Power

Pantone just announced its 2023 Color of the Year… and for the THIRD time in just seven years, the hue is something you could describe as a shade of purple. I loooooove the color purple- it’s been my favorite color since I was a little girl.

So what is this years new top color, you ask? Viva Magenta! While the shade is more pink-leaning than the purples that came before, it’s certainly a bold plum that pulls in both red and blue hues.

Stone Hinged


THE KITCHEN. A home’s happy place. My husband and I love to host dinner parties, holiday events, and wine nights with our friends- so our kitchen is well loved by not only us, but our guests alike. Having a stand out countertop is sure to have people falling in love.

Using natural stone & quartz countertops is timeless and always stunning. When thinking about trends in 2023, consider including using darker colors, incorporating patterned designs, and mixing and matching materials. This year, homeowners should continue to gravitate towards dark colors and patterned designs when it comes to their kitchen.

Fanciful Fluting

Fanciful Fluting

Natural, cozy, and warm lighting has been in style for what feels like forever…  and guess what? Fluting and reeding details will continue to stay relevant in interior design moving forward. Fluting has been incorporated alllll over homes, from the back of a kitchen island to glass cabinet fronts. Do you LOVE rattan? Well you’re not alone!! We’ll see even more lighting that reflects a more of a neutral, modern, boho style feel with materials like rattan, rope, cane, and wicker in bathrooms and kitchens with pendant lights and sconces.

Mixing It Up

Mixing it Up

Contrasting colors and metals will always add visual interest in a space. Using bright monochromatic color schemes along with an impactful metal, like gold and silver, can pull the design together. 2023 is NOT the year to be afraid of mixing metals!! Adding several different types of metal to one pace (like pictured above) creates a cozy and welcoming feel, while still staying classic and clean.

Retro Touches


From POPS of color, crazy fun patterns, and statement art…vintage and eclectic collages will be used in interior design more than ever in 2023. Collages of unique items are preferred rather than perfectly curated spaces with matching furniture/design pieces. You heard me right…. say goodbye to minimalism and HELLO to filling your home with everything you love.

The Slab 

The Slab

AGAIN… Slabs of quartz or marble are perfect for any design aesthetic and help to create a clean, seamless look in any kitchen. I wanted to mention this one again because it’s not just for kitchens and countertops. Using slabs of natural stone on any wall of your home creates a slick, clean, and stunning focal point. Not to mention that the lack of grout lines make this backsplash super low maintenance and so easy to keep clean.

Home Office Upgrades

Home Office

If you have been following me for some time, I am SURE you’ve seen me swoon over large print floral wallpaper more than once. I am head over heels with this trend and I am so excited that it’s making a comeback again in 2023.

Over the past few years, companies have been focusing on work-life balance more and more- so creating a designated space at home for work is major for professionals who have the ability to work remotely. Feature walls can help create interest on video calls, spark creativity, and simply just get you excited and looking forward to your work day.

Well there you have it… SEVEN interior design trends that will keep your home feeling trendy and your guests speechless. I know I have some decorating to do in my home! Cheers to 2023!


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