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Your bathroom is scary

7 Things in the Bathroom You Should Get Rid of Before an Open House

Ask any real estate agent and they’ll tell you that an unappealing bathroom can MAKE OR BREAK whether or not your home is ready for the market.I’ve seen many disastrous bathrooms, SO MANY of them are cluttered with laundry and toiletries, It almost feels like your violating someone’s privacy when walking into them. I’ve seen sinks and tubs that were stained with rust and calcium deposits and ringed by dirt. STILL, a less than perfect bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you should run out and hire a contractor.

Your Bathroom is Scary

Here are seven things to be mindful of when preparing your bathroom for an open house:

  1. Stash extra stuff out of sight.

    Homeowners, tidy up your bathroom before putting your home up for sale! Keep wall art to one piece, put hampers away, and bathrobes in a closet. Without the extra things gathered around, your space is guaranteed to feel BIGGER. When deciding what can stay in the room, try to keep it simple. You only need a few towels, a shower curtain, and maybe some simple decorative pieces.

  2. Get rid of odors.

    Wet rugs, towels, wash rags, dirty clothes in the hamper, litter boxes, and dirty vent fans can contribute to unpleasant odors in the bathroom. The room should smell like it was just thoroughly cleaned (and the room shoule ACTUALLY be thoroughly cleaned), so get rid of those things! Maybe burn a neutral smelling candle- cotton, linen, fresh air, or any general ‘clean smell’ is a safe bet!

  3. Address ALL signs of mold.

    No one wants to pull back a shower curtain to find black stuff growing in places that it shouldn’t be. Humidity, moisture, and poor ventilation can cause mold to creep up your tile grout and around your tub- growing faster than you can spray it away. Not only is it unsightly, but inhaling mold spores is unhealthy — not to mention ignoring it will cost you more money in the long run…

  4. Remove your personal items.

    You want your buyers to focus on the bathroom’s features and NOT on the pair of pantyhose hanging to dry, or the kids’ favorite bath time toys… Whenever possible, store your stuff in a cabinet or closet. Make surte to clear counters of makeup, brushes, toothbrushes, and other personal hygiene products. Store the shampoo, body wash, and loofahs somewhere out of sight. Your bathroom should look as sparse as a five-star hotel or a spa.

  5. Ditch low lighting.

    Install cool white bulbs in the light fixtures. This will help to make your bathroom look larger and brighter. Make sure EVERY fixture has all its lightbulbs and that they are the SAME COLOR. Makew sure to grab a swiffer or cloth and dust/wipe down those light fixtures while you’re up there.

  6. Remove a faded tub.

    This is a BIG one, and isn’t always necessary. Over time, a bathtub can start to show its age. One of the more moderately priced fixes that works wonders for a tub is reglazing. A contractor can erase stains, scratches, and chips in a matter of only HOURS. For a minimal cost, the tub comes back to an almost new-like finish. If this is out of budget for you, just make sure its is sparkling clean. If your tub is grimy, what does that say about the cleanliness of the rest of the house?

  7. Eliminate bold walls.

    While big, bright, flowery wallpaper, or down-by-the-sea-blue paint may be your cup of tea, these bold interior decor statements may not work for everyone. Remove wallpaper that may be present, and repaint the walls in white or a neutral color palette. Remove busy wall art or fanciful shower curtains. SIMPLE, CLEAN & FRESH is the winning combination here.



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