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How I Style My Home

You’ve heard me talk all about the different kinds of styles that can be brought into the home to help curate your environment to match your liking… BUT what we haven’t spoken about is what kind of environment I have created in my home. What kind of space have I created that inspires me ,that relaxes me- that I call HOME. Let’s take a trip into my style…

How would I label the style in my home, you ask? Well let’s start from the outside… I live in a barndominium. If you have never head of that before, let’s allow define it for you. “If you’re looking for a home with plenty of room, space to work and get dirty, perhaps it’s time to consider a barndominium, or barndo. In simple terms, these are metal buildings that have an inside living quarter. These are very energy-efficient and low maintenance homes.”


Our home has a verrrry open floor plan; which kind of comes naturally when living in a barndominium. If I had to choose just a couple of words to sum up the style in my home they would be: light & airy, natural & warm, with touches of moody. That seems like a lot, I hear you. Let’s break it down, shall we?


With so much open space, it can seem like it would be so easy to achieve this feeling… but it’s not as simple as it may seem. Just having lots of open space and white walls can feel more sterile and stiff than what I desire. The first step? LARGE windows. Floor to ceiling and/or across the whole wall are one way to incorperate natural light (major key in my style). In my house we chose to do this in several rooms. In the living room, we have several large windows that stagger in height (this adds a unique touch as well). In the kitchen? You guessed it! Windows from one side allllllll the way to the other. The evening light floods in effortlessly, filling the entire home with the best sunset colors. In our bedroom, that’s where the magic happens… and by magic I’m talking about an entire wall of just windows. Adding in tons of windows, especially ones that open, will automatically elevate and open any space- even if you don’t have a wide open floor plan. (QUICK TIP! Angle your mirrors so that they’re reflecting light off the windows that you do have.)  Here is an amazing example of what this can look like.




This may be my absolute favorite aspect of my home, it makes me smile just thinking about it. I love having LOTS of textures in my home. Rattan, natural rugs, wool, woven baskets, dried and fresh flowers, cozy candles, paintings, and (best for last) wooden furniture. Pretty much every piece of furniture in my home tells a story. Each chair, bar, table, and bedframe shares a special memory to me and my family. I think that having an actual connection to the pieces in your home creates a warm and comfortable environment that can’t be denied. A painting done by a great grandmother, side tables carved by a grandfather, and chairs bought at a European market are just a couple of the things in my home that incorperate that warm feeling.




This goes hand in hand beautifully with creating a warm element. Adding in a couple of those moody, or personality, pieces act as the cherry on top of curating your home. A velvet chair, a statement wallpaper, plants, or a stand out light fixture will add just the right amount of YOU into your home. Anybody can have gorgeous windows and antique furniture, you know? All of these little things add up and make your space really feel like home. There is a little nook in my home between the living room and office area that we are turning into the moody area that dreams are made of. Double velvet love seats, funky wallpaper, a hand carved wooden table, stacks of books, a vintage chandelier, and a wall of delicious wines. WOW. It’s these little areas in your home that are going to make it 100% you. A place where you can fully unwind and be comfortable.

My home is my sacred space- a space that I have been curating and changing and adding to every day for my entire life. A place that I host my friends, love on my family, raised my babies, travelled the world and brought back pieces, cook my favorite meals, celebrate life, loss, growth, and change. It’s an extension of my soul. Cheers to you and cheers to home.


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