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Buying a Home: Today vs. Ten Years Ago

BUYING A HOME- if you haven’t gone through the process yet, I’m sure you will one day. Lucky for you, I’m here to talk and walk with you through each and every step of the process in the crazy year that is 2022. Unless you’re brand new here, the past couple of years have been breaking records for having a crzy market. If you have no idea what to expect when you begin your journey of buying a home these days- no need to fear! I am going to tell you exactly what you have to look forward to… BUT FIRST I thought it would be quite the adventure and hop on a time machine to see just how different things were ten years ago. Join me back in time to 2012.

When you google “Buying a house in 2012” you get headlines that look like THIS. If you ask me, it’s always a good time to buy a home but 2012 was a REALLY good year to buy. 




Let’s take a look of some of today’s headlines, shall we?





RIIIIGHT… So as you can tell things have changed quite a bit. The housing market is literally insane these days while it was quite a dream in 2012. Overall, the home buying process hasn’t changed much… but a few things have. Let’s take a look.


  1. Understand why you want to buy a house. Yes, that may seem obvious but it’s always a good idea to remeber why you want to take this big step! This process can be difficult, remember your WHY!
  2. Check your credit score. 
  3. Create a housing budget. Making a plan will help everything roll as smooth as possible.
  4. Save for a down payment. 
  5. Shop for a mortgage.
  6. Hire a real estate agent. BOOM. Here we have our first change. Hiring an agent has always been a crucial step in this process, yes. You’re going to want an agent that is comfortable, confident, and successful in this current market. An agent that’s on the Designed 2 Sell Team is always a good choice 😉
  7. See multiple homes. Open houses have always been a great choice! In today’s world there is also the choice of virtual walkthroughs, and facetime tours!
  8. Make an offer. Here we have another slight change… of course you still need to make an offer to buy a home EXCEPT these days, there’s no time to wait. You’ve gotta make an offer fast and furious.
  9. Get a home inspection. This step is crucial. Always have been, always will be.
  10. Negotiate repairs and credits.
  11. Secure your financing. This also includes making NO OTHER LARGE PURCHASES! You’re almost there!
  12. Do a final walk-through.
  13. Close on your house. Welcome home.

CHECK CHECK CHECK! There you have it! The home buying process hasn’t changed all that much. The main difference these days is hiring an agent that is ON TOP OF THE MARKET. Somebody that can move quickly and efficiantly to get you into the home of your dreams.

If you or somebody you know is looking to buy (or sell) their home, CALL MY TEAM! We are here and ready to help you rock this market!


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