What if there was a program for homeowners that covered costs for repair services and staging, before their property ever goes to market? 

Compass Concierge does exactly that, freeing sellers from the hardship of forking out funds for things that are needed yet sometimes temporarily unaffordable or inconvenient.

This exclusive service from Compass pays for a wide array of items such as painting, staging, pest control, landscaping, roof repair and much more.

And, you don’t have to pay for a thing until your home sells!

Yes, you don't have to pay for a thing until settlement. We cover the bills on your behalf at no charge!

Learn more about the program! Keep reading...Because together, we can make any spaces look amazing!

Don't you love before and afters? Let's do it together!

We cover over 100 different home improvement services that help make homes more appealing. 

Once the improvements have been completed, Compass collects payment for the services rendered at the time of the property’s closing with no hidden fees or interest.


By investing in our client’s home, we aim to provide a swifter, more profitable sale.

The reaction to Concierge has been remarkable: Sellers love this innovative opportunity to increase the value of their home with improvement services that help get them ready for market. The program comes with no charged interest, no hidden fees and no payments until the sale of the property. In fact, in many ways, the service pays for itself through faster sales and higher offers.

Are you interested in how Compass Concierge will transform your experience and net proceeds?


How It Works:

• Our team will develop a tailored project plan with suggested home improvements and updates to prepare your home for the market.
• You will contract directly with home improvement service providers.
• Compass Concierge will pay the associated cost for home improvement work performed subject to your agreements with home service providers.
• At the closing of the property, Compass Concierge will collect a fee that covers the cost of the work performed.

Key Eligibility Criteria & Restrictions:

• The program is available to all sellers with an exclusive Listing Agreement with Compass.
Properties that are short-sales or foreclosures are not eligible for the program. Structural or construction services will not be covered.
• Prospective sellers interested in participating in the Compass Concierge program must review and execute the Compass Concierge Service Agreement outlining the program services.

Payment for Services:

• Invoices should be sent to your Compass Agent for payment by Compass.
• When your property closes during the term of the Listing Agreement, Compass Concierge will issue an invoice reflecting the total cost of services rendered.
• Payment for the program services will be collected using your preferred payment method at the earlier of (a) the actual closing of the property or (b) the one-year anniversary of your participation in the program.
• In the event that your property does not sell or the Listing Agreement is terminated for any or no reason (including the property going off market), Compass Concierge will collect any actual costs incurred by the home improvement work performed (within 15 days). 


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