Question #1: Why did USAA discontinue their Real Estate Rewards Netwrok program?

Answer: As a banking and insurance organization, USAA has been under scrutiny by federal regulatory and compliance agencies related to the Real estate Rewards Network. As a resuly they have made the decision to discontinue the program. 

Question #2: What if I am a USAA Member and still want to recieve Cash Back benefits?

Answer: If you are already ENROLLED, you WILL recieve the Cash Bask Benefits you were promised.

 Question #3: Is there a program that is going to replace it?

Answer: YES!!! That's the Great News I am excited to share. 

 Question #4: How do I know if my Agent was a USAA Preferred Agent?

Answer: USAA Real Estate Rewards Network utilized preferred Brokers and Agents that are affiliated with the brands owned by Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY). These brands included ERA Real Estate, Better Homes and Gardens, Caldwell Banker and Century 21.  

Question #5: So whats the NEW Reward option? 

Answer: Realogy has stepped up and will continue to Reward our Military Veterans & their families with their new real estate program, offer through the SAME BRANDS. It is sturctured just like the USAA RERN program with all the same quality of customer service and care that their members have come to trust. 

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