Eight Ways to INCREASE the Value of Your Home


So you've decided to sell your home in this C R A Z Y market.. congratulations! Before we list, let's make sure your home is at it's best. Here are my TOP TIPS to make sure you get the most value out of selling your home.


There are so many ways to incorperate beauty into your home- simple and classic decor pieces. Keep on reading for my favorite tips to reveal your home’s appeal... come alive. High-quality curtains can make any room look more elegant. A new rug on the floor, fresh paint on the walls, and tasteful furniture are all ways to improve a home's aesthetic appeal, but the major ones to focus on are LIGHTING AND PAINT. Try to stay away from yellow or warm toned lights bevause they can make your space appear smaller, dark, and dingy- down right unflattering. When light(bulb) shopping, do your best to stick with white, bright, and cool tone bulbs; creating a cleaner and brighter appearance (soft white, or even pink-ish toned lights are a good option if you are set on having a wamer feel). Remeber, just like taking a photo, light is used to bring out the natural beauty in people, so using the right lighting will make your home's beauty P O P! Keep this in mind when you think about what types of lamps you want your space lit by and where placement on things like mantels and shelves should occur based on whether you want them to look more glamorous or whimsical.


You know the feeling when you walk into a hosue and all you can say is "WOW... IT'S SO OPEN..." No matter the floorplan of your home, this feeling is totally possible. I'm going to let you in on a little secret that can create big space. The b e s t way to add space in your home is to declutter and get rid of items that you no longer need or use- but that's just the first step. Using furniture and larger decor peices that you already own to designate spaces as areas for specific activities can totally transform the feel of your space- helping to create boundaries and allow better use of your floor area. Once you have only the peices that bring you joy & are functional in your space, arranging them in a way that doesn't cut off doorways/walkways will allow everything to flow openly and easily. 


Not only is saving household energy wonderful for your bills and the environmment, but it's also wonderful for increasing the overall value of your home. This can be done much more simply than you expect, but can make a hige difference- all by adding a few cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades. First, change all the lightbulbs in the house to LEDs, if not done so already. LED lights are offered in almost every color/tone/etc. (they even make full spectrum LED grow bulbs for all you plant lovers!) Next, keep your heating/cooling system on a programmable thermostat during winter months. Doing this ensures that you're not running your system when it's not needed; keeping your home at the perfect temperature all the time (even if you go out of town!) Along with that, install an energy audit system with sensors that tell you which parts of your home are heated or cooling most effectively- to help you keep track. Third, install more insulation behind exterior walls and in attics, as well as use low emission materials such as wool for insulation purposes. The added protection from exterior openings makes a world of difference. Finally, seal air leaks around doors and windows inside and outside the house with caulking or weather stripping. This is a big one that A LOT of home owners often overlook. Take a walk around your home and triple check to make sure that no air is escaping- this is


DID YOU KNOW that the market price of a home is determined by supply and demand??? You can increase your selling price dramatically with just two simple changes that include: Updating the Kitchen - installing new cabinets and upgrading countertops + appliances is key here! These things can account for 30% of a home's value. THIRTY PERCENT- that's huge! Trust me, it is worth spending on this before you put your home on the market. Buyers love that WOW factor of walking into a newly updated kitchen; imagining all of the dinner parties, family holidays, Saturday night glasses of wine followed by Sunday morning pancakes. Updating your Bathrooms - Alright, the bathroom is just as important as the kitchen and here is why. This is going to be the space where buyers are imagining unwinding after a long day at work with a steaming shower, giving a new baby their first bath, getting ready for their last first date, or giving themselves an at home spa day. It's important that your bathroom has fresh paint, a functional sink and counter space, and lots of storage. We have an enitre blog post all about making your bathroom beautiful and functional, read that HERE.


Does anybody else remeber the 1999 Disney movie "Smart House?" Well folks, they were on to something... for the most part. We're living in the future and it's time to update your home! Goodness, the options are endless here- from self-programming thermostats to voice-activated television controls, add a few appliances, devices, and gadgets to increase your home’s tech IQ. Smart locks, home automation systems, video doorbell (RING and SimpiSafe are great choices) , smart lighting (we like THESE, by GE), smart tv’s (check out THESE ones at Best Buy), are just a few of the options that make yout home next level!. Upgrading your home to include these integrated technologies can ultimately save you money on your energy bill every month, too- it's a WIN-WIN if you ask me...


Consider increasing livability. The exterior of homes can often be an after thought, if thought about at all. Invest in outdoor entertaining spaces- maybe add a fire pit and some comfy seating. These things are quite popular with buyers who don't want to spend time maintaining an expensive yard or garden... PLUS it's fun! Nothing can really beat a clean front yard, trimmed well around the foundation of the house, nicely mulched trees in parking areas, well-designed gardens in backyards can boost attractiveness tremendously. Understand that although minor improvements offset cost- it still provides homeowners peace of mind and inviting curb appeal. We have another blog post that deep-dives into how to BOOST your home's curb appeal- check that out HERE.


Would you want to buy a home that you had to spend time fixing up before you could move in? Most of the time, buyers don't want to either. Fixing the interior defects in your home is an important step in making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Conversely, interior defects in a homes listing- loose floor tiles; peeling paint on walls and doors; damp patches on ceilings and walls - can scare off potential buyers from viewing it. Repairing the interior is important! It ensures that you are not leaving a bad impression on prospective buyers... There are many things that may need repair before being ready to sell your house: before selling take a lap or two around your home and check for the following: broken doors, windows, defective electrical outlets, bulged floor boards and other warped or rotting wood surfaces, drains that don't work properly; and any other safety issues. Remember, first impressions are the only impressions.


OKAY, last but 100% C E R T I A N L Y not least!!! Clean your home & then clean it again. Make sure you get into all those little places that we all avoid normally- not forgetting the tops of cabinets, air vents, or anything else up way high. My suggestion is hiring a professional cleaning crew right before your place your home on the market; making the upkeep much eaiser during showings!

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