Decluttering is a MUST when Selling Your Home

Talk about March Madness!!! It always seems this time of year is so chaotic with spring time playing peek-a-boo between the freezing rainy days, preparing for Tax season and a heightened time for a lot of families to MOVE. The statistic is that we only utilize 10-20% of what we own on a regular basis…so what do we do with the other 80-90%??

 Q: Is there an easy way to make the process of moving, organizing & decluttering go smoothly? 

A: Let me introduce to you the basic outline of my ‘3-Box-Method’. Step one is to gather 3 large empty bags or boxeds and label them ‘KEEP’, ‘SELL/DONATE’ and ‘DISCARD’. 

In the box labeled KEEP: Place items you use regularly. Gifts and items that you display and enjoy using to decorate. Favorite clothing articles that fit and are up-to-date.

In the box labeled SELL/DONATE: Items you never use or have not used in the last 3 years. Clothing articles that you have not worn in the last year and those that are not your current size. Home Décor items you have replaced or no longer match your decorating style. Old Electronics that work and are compatible with today’s technology.

In the box labeled DISCARD: All broken or damaged items beyond repair. Worn out or stained clothing. Old electronics, Magazines and newspapers that are over 3 months old. 

Of course you get the idea…make sure you take the DISCARD box to the trash immediately, and SELL/DONATE to your donation center right away, or have a yard sale as soon as possible. Now that you are left with the items you use and want to incorporate in the space you can put it all back together.  

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