April Showers bring May Flowers

As the saying goes…’April Showers bring May flowers’…and a MAJOR increase in the Housing Market turnover. For many, military PCS orders are cut and families are planning their relocation to their new duty stations…which means there are many homes going up for sale every day…

Q: How can I make sure my house gets noticed amoung all the others out there on the market?

A: Making updates and improvemens to your home to get the attention it deserves is almost a requirement these days. Pre-owned Homes are up against New Home construction. Home Staging is beng heavily encouraged and the stakes for selling you home are rising. In a competitive market, it is crutial for the homeowner to invest a bit of time, money and sweat equity in order to get their home noticed and SOLD. The lists can be long, but here are a few, important things that homeowners can do to bump up their listngs to the top of buyer’s lists.

Top of the list is Curb Appeal. The statistics are in that almost 92% of homebuyers will search for homes on the internet before ever visiting them in person, SO…it is obvious that first impression photo of the front of you home has gotto be eye-candy. It must make them stop and want to see more…and schedule a showing with their Realtor©. Fresh Landscaping, a maintained lawn, exterior home condition and even a welcoming front door in an unexpected (but tasteful)color, starts will get their courtesy peaked.

A close second that will make your home sell easier, faster, or for more money is if the home has been well maintained.  This means the roof doesn’t leak, the windows are insulated well, the water heater works, etc. Pay attention to items that will be noted by a home inspector.  Buyers walk the second they see thousands of dollars in maintenance or upkeep.  Take care of the little things too...no one likes a To-Do-List upon move-in.

And to seal the deal…make sure your Kitchens and Bathrooms are as current as possible. There is a difference between ‘current’ and ‘trendy’. No need for MAJOR renovations, updated backsplashes, appliances and fixtures go a long way.

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